Athabasca Blade ND1000 Filter 10 Stops


Athabasca Blade ND1000 Filter 10 Stops


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The worlds thinnest and lightest 10 stop filter with tempered impact resistant glass. 

The New Athabasca 10 stop Blade filter features a unique SUPER THIN 1.1mm design that is impact resistant which is a world first for square filters. 


- Tempered glass offers impact resistance which is a world first that you will appreiciate.
- Double sided coating on opticaly enhanced glass providing industry best features.
- Nano Anti Reflective coating, providing incredible Scratch resistance realising an optically superior filter.
- Stain and water resistant square filters that are easy to clean. Be assured that any water droplets from the environment will not affect Athabasca coatings.
- Blade 10 stop filters provide an amazing low reflections and light reducing layer.
- Thinnest and most lightweight 10 stop filters in the world weighing at only 26g for ND filters. Being so lightweight and durable means a greater experience in travel. You can take these with you and not have to worry about adding on much weight to your kit.

In the box we also include an Athabasca ND cleaning cloth!


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