Photography One on One Workshop

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Photography One on One Workshop


New to photography OR would like to better understand your camera?

This One on One workshop runs for 3 hours, and is for people:

  • new to photography or

  • for those that know the basics and are wanting to push their knowledge deeper, or

  • for people who have a good understanding of their camera but are wanting to explore a certain aspect of photography, to push their knowledge and abilities.

  • On booking, each workshop is then tailored to your needs before the date visa email and phone; so we can hone your skills on a particular subject or subjects.

A common One on One Workshop is mastering Neutral Density Filters. I have sets of Athabasca Australia Filters available for this style of workshop.

Where can these workshops run? I'm happy to discuss a location that works for us both. Generally I run these workshops on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula or Bayside suburbs South East of Melbourne.

Question? Please feel free to contact me about a one on one workshop, let’s organise a date and time and discuss what you want to achieve. Or purchase a Gift Certificate and we will book in a date and time from there.

Cheers Ben

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