About ME

Hi, Iā€™m Ben.  I use photography to tell my stories and my clients.

My personal work is heavily influenced by atmospheric optical phenomena; and my photography style is a direct reflection of my personality: creative, curious, adventurous, gregarious, passionate, enthusiastic, upbeat, patient, relaxed, and fun. I love to teach, and run varying photography related workshops across Victoria, Australia.

It's no hidden secret that astrophotography is my passion, although sunset and sunrise landscape photography comes in a close second.  I like to push my equipment to it limits; and can generally be found at a beach a couple of hours drive from home, shooting from sunset to sunrise - a time when most people would be sleeping.  I also love night cityscape photography, and never say no to an opportunity to capture the golden hour between Melbourne's stunning architecture then some night photos. There is something about beautiful buildings and light trails that grabs my imagination.

I am a firm believer that communities help build positive attitudes and build friendships; and I love being part of the below communities that are all about getting people out exploring, talking, and taking photos.  I am a Facebook and Instagram administrator for a number of photography-based pages, which include:

  • Aurora Hunters Victoria, devoted to those wishing to photograph the Aurora Australis;

  • Sunrise & Sunsets Photographers Australia, dedicated to those wanting to share their images captured around sunrise or sunset.

  • Photography Workshops Melbourne, dedicated to those who come along to my workshops, a page for them to share photos from my Night Cityscape, Astrophotography, Neutral Density Filter - Athabasca, Depth of Field, Lightroom Basics & Print and Light Painting workshops.

When I'm not behind the lens, you can find me in the kitchen cooking my famous Lebanese meatballs, exploring everything, enjoying a coffee in one of Melbourne's awesome cafes and chasing after my nine year old daughter in various parks.

Though I am based in Melbourne, I welcome opportunities to travel around Australia and internationally.  If you'd like to learn more, let's grab a coffee sometime.  You can reach me on my mobile - +61 438 381 351, or fill out the form below.

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